Crokinole Boards by Tracey

Crokinole Boards Handcrafted
by Players for Players!

This is where you will find the highest quality Crokinole Boards. Jeremy Tracey has been trained and mentored by one of the best crokinole board builders in the world today. Combine that with Jeremy’s passion for the game of crokinole and what you have is the ‘TRACEY’ board that looks amazing and plays even better.

Crokinole Boards handcrafted to NCA standards

The TRACEY TOUR Crokinole Board comes with everything you need to start playing the best game in the world!

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What is different about the Crokinole Boards
Handcrafted by Jeremy Tracey?

The Tracey family are NCA Regulars. We sit down and play against the best of the best in the world of crokinole.  At an NCA Sanctioned tournament the quality of the crokinole board makes all the difference.

Crokinole Board - The TRACEY TOUR Board

Our Crokinole Boards literally have our name on them.

These crokinole boards literally have our name on them. ‘TRACEY’ is printed right onto the board itself. We take even more care and attention to make sure that each board is truly a world class crokinole board that we are proud and happy to play on.


Need Proof of our Crokinole Skills?

When we say that we play against the best of the best, we mean it.
Click here to see the results of this year’s World Crokinole Championship Competitive Doubles.
You will see that Jeremy, along with his Crokinole Partner Roy Campbell placed 2nd overall. Look down a bit further and you will see the name Tracey two more times. Reid Tracey and Nolan Tracey, partnered up to place 11th.

Click here to see the results of this year’s World Crokinole Championship Competitive Singles. When all the dust settled, Jeremy placed 10th and Reid placed 12th against some absolutely amazing competitors.

We understand the game and more importantly, we understand what it takes to make a world class Crokinole Board.

Have a look around our site to check out the boards and accessories. Please reach out to order your crokinole board or to ask any questions you may have about the boards or the game of crokinole.